Metaliterate Learner Characteristics figure with the words: Collaborative, Participatory, Reflective, Civic Minded, Adaptable, Open, Productive, and Informed

Metaliterate Learner Characteristics (Figure by Mackey & Jacobson, 2018)

Metaliteracy is an empowering pedagogical model for literacy and learning that promotes metacognitive thinking, and the active production of original and repurposed information in particiaptory social environments.

We first introduced the metaliteracy model in the peer-reviewed article entitled Reframing Information Literacy as a Metaliteracy (Mackey & Jacobson, 2011). Since that first paper, we have continued to publish books and articles on metaliteracy, including the co-authored book Metaliteracy: Reinventing Information Literacy to Empower Learners (2014) and the co-edited volume Metaliteracy in Practice (2016).

Recently, I collaborated with Trudi and a team of exceptional authors on a new book for ALA/Neal-Schuman Publishing entitled Metaliterate Learning for the Post-Truth World. I contributed the framing chapter entitled "Empowering the Metaliterate Learner for the Post-Truth World" and the book was published in 2019.

We also worked with the Metaliteracy Learning Collaborative, including Kelsey O'Brien and Michele Forte, to write the peer-reviewed article entitled "Metaliteracy as Pedagogical Framework for Learner-Centered Design in Three MOOC Platforms: Connectivist, Coursera and Canvas" for Open Praxis.

This team also designed three metaliteracy MOOCs, created a competency-based Metaliteracy Digital Badging System, and developed the metaliteracy goals and learning objectives.