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Picture of All About Mentoring Cover from Winter 2015 - Issue 46

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All About Mentoring - Winter 2015 - Issue 46

MOOC Talk: A Connectivist Dialogue About Our Metaliteracy MOOC Experience

Tom Mackey, Michele Forte and Nicola Allain, Empire State College; Trudi Jacobson and Jenna Pitera, University at Albany

Additional Scholarship

In addition to my metaliteracy scholarship, I published a theoretical essay about open learning for First Monday entitled Transparency as a Catalyst for Interaction and Participation in Open Learning Environments and a much earlier essay for Rhizomes based on my dissertation research entitled Etymology of Code: Distance, Juxtaposition, and Fictive Space.

Earlier in my career, I also collaborated with Jinwon Ho on research that examined learners as producers in the information science classroom, leading to the peer-reviewed articles: Implementing a convergent model for information literacy: combining research and web literacy, and Exploring the Relationships between Web Usability and Students' Perceived Learning in Web-Based Multimedia (WBMM) Tutorials.

In addition to several peer-reviewed articles, my research with Trudi Jacobson included books on faculty-librarian collaboration, such as Teaching Information Literacy Online and Collaborative Information Literacy Assessments.